News Release

Annual SPARC Summer Picnic
Featuring the Two Republican Candidates for Governor of California

Los Altos Hills, California:  The South Peninsula Area Republican Coalition (SPARC) will hold their August 20 Summer Picnic at the historic Morgan Manor in Los Altos Hills. Their featured speakers will be Republican Candidates for Governor Assembly Member Travis Allen (R-72) and San Diego Businessman John Cox. The Bay Area’s only elected Republican Legislator, Assembly Member Catharine Baker, will also be an honored guest.

The SPARC Annual Summer Picnic has presented an opportunity for supporters of Republican efforts to gather and enjoy live music, great barbecue, and to experience the beautiful grounds of the Tudor Revival mansion at Morgan Manor. This year, as voters react to the constant increase in taxes, exodus of businesses to other states, increases in criminal activity, the high cost of living, and failing public schools, the race for Governor has taken on even greater importance. SPARC is pleased to provide an opportunity for voters to hear how Republicans would govern differently.

Assemblyman Travis Allen is the Vice Chair of the Assembly Jobs & Economic Development Committee, and serves as Vice Chair of the Assembly Public Employees, Retirement, and Social Security Committee. He is the sponsor of the Gas Tax Repeal initiative. 

John Cox built a successful business from scratch to having assets of over $200 million with almost 100 employees over 35 years. He is the author of the Neighborhood Legislature Initiative aimed at removing the corrupting influence of special interest money from California politics by shrinking the size of legislative districts down to the neighborhood level.

Tickets for this event may be purchased online.




The South Peninsula Area Republican Coalition (SPARC) is affiliated with the California Congress of Republicans, a chartered organization of the California Republican Party. Our regional focus is San Mateo and Santa Clara counties and we attract members and speakers from all over the Bay Area region. SPARC hosts a dozen events a year that are open to the general public. SPARC was founded in the year 2000 and has been built on the historic Republican principles of limited government, low taxes, and a strong national defense. As a group, we work to extend our support for Republican candidates who will work at all levels to help make these goals come true. Link to SPARC Logo