News Release

September 16, 2020 SPARC Online Briefing
Featuring Assemblyman Kevin Kiley
“The Gig Workers’ Initiative and the Fate of California”

Los Altos Hills, California:  The South Peninsula Area Republican Coalition (SPARC) in partnership with the California Congress of Republicans (“CCR”) will hold their next Speaker Series Meeting using a virtual format on September 16, 2020 at 6:30pm. California State Assemblyman Kevin Kiley (AD 6) will provide a briefing on the impact of AB 5 on workers in the State, including how Prop. 22 will help bring back independence to app-based drivers.

Assemblyman Kevin Kiley has taken a leadership role in promoting the rights of so-called “gig” workers. Moms who only want to work while the kids are at school, seniors who want to work a few days per week, and people who need to supplement another job to cover their expenses. For example, app-based food and grocery delivery and rideshare drivers provide essential services, delivering food and medicines to seniors and families who are forced to stay in their homes, helping restaurants survive, and providing easy access to earning opportunities for struggling Californians who have recently lost income or jobs. But a new state law, created by Assembly Bill 5, threatens the availability of these services for millions and the earning opportunities for hundreds of thousands of Californians at the worst possible time.

AB 5 limits gig workers, including app-based drivers working as independent contractors with control over their schedules, instead forcing Californians who want to keep driving to become employees with no control over their schedules and shifts.

Proposition 22 protects the availability of app-based delivery and rideshare services for consumers. It preserves app-based driver jobs, while improving quality of work by establishing historic new earnings and benefit guarantees. Assembly Kiley will explain its impact as well as the fate of others who aren’t carved out of the AB 5 nightmare.

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