If you missed our May 20 SPARC dinner at the Fremont Hills Country Club you missed a terrific talk from the bane of budget boondogglers, the independent-minded Judge Quentin L. Kopp. Having served as the Chairman of the High Speed Rail Commission in California, Kopp is now a critic of the plan and says he will be an expert witness in at least one of the lawsuits against it.

“It isn’t the plan approved by California voters,” said the long-time California legislator and former San Francisco County Supervisor. “This so-called blended system to use non-dedicated tracks is not high speed rail at all.  It is low speed rail and it shouldn’t get to use high speed rail funding.”

No wonder this man who calls it as he sees it left the Democratic party and now calls himself an Independent! He spoke to an overflow gathering of local elected officials and SPARC members and guests (not to mention several local reporters and editors) with his frank talk. He’s been a fan of high speed rail since he first rode one of the super fast trains in France. Now he’s a critic of California’s compromised and much-legally-challenged plan. And critical of the politicians who made it so. The former superior court judge knows the law and, as former chairman of the California High Speed Rail Commission, also knows his subject.

Want to read about this event in the local media? Just click the link:
Kopp Calls CA High Speed Rail Very Low Speed!

Don’t miss another one of our timely, controversial, intellectually stimulating dinner meetings! Up next we’ll be featuring the mayor of Hollister, California, the Honorable Ignacio Velazquez, a businessman and a Republican–a future star of GOP politics in the the Golden State!