SPARC is fortunate to be able to meet young men like Garrett Johnson, one of the featured speakers at our April meeting.  Johnson is a high tech up-and-comer, recently named by as one of the “Top 20 Tech Insiders Defining the 2016 Campaign.” Johnson, an NCAA champion athlete in the shot put and a 2006 Rhodes Scholar, has also served as a staffer on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He is now one of the co-founders of the communications company SendHub, headquartered in San Bruno.

He’s a Republican who spends his weekends working on another creation of his: the Lincoln Initiatives. The goal of his Lincoln Initiatives work is to promote the interface between traditional Republican values—low taxes and limited regulation—with high tech start-ups in Silicon Valley.

“Our slogan for the Lincoln Initiative,” says Johnson, “Is, ‘Where Liberty and Technology meet.’ We think it is here that the GOP has its best chance of regaining a strong voice in California.” He must know whereof he speaks since his “reboot conferences” and “hackathons” attract the best in the tech world.

Johnson shared the podium in March with SPARC board member Peter Ohtaki, who is running for a seat in State Assembly District 24, the only Republican on the ballot.

What a delight for SPARC members to share an evening with both Peter Ohtaki and Garrett Johnson!

Enjoy pictures from the April Dinner: