SPARC - Providing local support for the GOP in San Mateo, Santa Clara, and neighboring counties since 2000


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SPARC (the South Peninsula Area Republican Coalition) is a Bay Area grass-roots political organization founded in 2000 and chartered by the California Congress of Republicans (CCR).  Our membership comprises many dedicated individuals that come together to learn, have fun, and work to bring positive change to our local, state, and federal politics.


SPARC's mission is to energize the Republican base in support of the overall goals and ideals of the Republican Party:

  • Low taxes
  • Limited government
  • Individual liberty and responsibility
  • Strong national defense
  • Leadership in world freedom


SPARC members host several local events and educational forums throughout the year and actively participate in grass-roots campaigning.  The organization focusses primarily on matters of political interest in Santa Clara county and San Mateo county but keeps the membership well informed on state and national issues as well.  

We invite you to attend one of our upcoming events, and we encourage you to become a member.


Welcome From SPARC President

John McDonnellSPARC President John McDonnell welcomes visitors and explains why you should join us. Read the Article

SPARC Organizational Goals

 * Provide an effective Republican grass-roots volunteer political organization through education, outreach, and involvement Sparcie
* Educate members and the public regarding pending legislation, candidates for public office, and important issues of the day
* Increase Republican registration and voter turnout of all registered Republicans
* Encourage and develop qualified Republicans to seek public office
* Promote unity by focussing on core Republican principles and what we can agree on

Upcoming Events

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